Monday, July 06, 2009

The long and winding road.

The road was clean. Apart from little pools of water that reminds me of the rain yesterday, the road was inviting. Thin layers of mist surrounded the car, accompanied by cool breeze. The sun was not yet born for the day. The scenario was perfect for a long drive. Just the kind of start I wanted.

Yesterday was rather hectic. I am no planner, even though I am always teased for my planning. Magazines, and experienced people always reminds me and preach about the planning and preparations for a long journey of my kind. Advices, suggestions and strict orders are always on the line. Well, I had my own list of schemes anyway.

I armed myself with nonsense commonsense, huge volumes of passion, great measures of laziness, and insanity as required. I used to have a collection of aggression of various kinds, which I have lost one by one, on my previous ventures. Mixed variety of emotions and mild volumes of explosive sensitivity have taken their place.

The tyres on my car are tired, they need expensive replacements. Fuel level remained insufficientas usual. Brakes were hardly serviced, for they were hardly used.

I have started off anyway. All set. Or I believe all set. Or so, I thought.

I Knew I forgot something. I knew something is missing.

The map.

Well, I even do not know where I am driving to. I guess i do not need a map for that kind of a journey.

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