Monday, June 29, 2009

Never. Ever.

Its been some days, and I still cannot believe, digest, accept, understand, come into terms or whatever with the news. Some body died, because of a heart attack. I continued to be in a good mood. I am happy. The news did nothing to my mood or level of frustration. After all, my inner self has refused to believe the news.

Jacko is dead.

I remember the first time I have started to listen to any music which is english. That was Bad. The Album Bad. He looked ackward. He had long hair which I thought looked ugly, had a glove in one hand and other weird things. He used to hold on to his crotch while he danced. Well, the music was better. I must have been a 12 yo then.

There were no CDs then. In fact, CDs were yet to be invented. A tape recorder was a luxury in and around my household. I remember we had one at home. But cassets were too expensive. So I would go to this friends place where he had some cassets, and listen to them there.

A couple of years later, and I remember I had all his albums till date. I collected all the lyrics (There was no computer, forget the internet), and would sing and dance to the music. His attire, his attitude and all other weird things were quite understandable. He was all. I never even felt like listening to any other band.

Years have passed by, and its been a long 6 years since I have listened to Jacko. Pop music has moved out of my list of preferences. But still, the photos and the pieces of videos that flash frequently on the television screen now brings in Nostalgic moments. The music was an inspiration. Was a relief. His last Album was hopeless. True. But he is irreplacable.

I am a hardcore and die hard fan of the 60s and 70s classical scenario. Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, Thin Lizzy, Grateful dead and Blue oyster Cult and all have no musical relation to Michael Jackson. Yet, He is the only singer, whos all songs I have heard, whos all Albums I have purchased, and He is the only singer who I have been a die hard fan in a streak for more than 5 years. Musically, I felt him better than the Beatles. And no one is ever going to sing and Dance like him.

The King of pop is dead.
Sad, the throne will never be used.

Never, Ever.


The Dreamy Princess said...

a throne is not "used"
it is "occupied".

survivingbrain said...

Never mind, shakespeare..
I was not writing a masterpiece...:P

The Dreamy Princess said...

alryt :D

Brainybeauty said...

look who was into pop as a kid...!!!
and you blame others for liking pop!!!
but yes...
i went through somewhat similar feelings on learning the legend's death.i remember waking up at 5:00 am supposedly to study.Some strange everyday inner voice asked me to switch on the tv and be lazy and as usual i listened to the inner voice.
and there it was...
the news flash and the live telecast showing the hospital were mj spent his last moments of life...
i almost cried..almost??, i did really cry, a tear came down my eyes and when i realized that my cheek was growing wet ...i also realised a truth "i adored mj".Didnt actually want to accept the fact that i was crazy about this guy ...but at the end i had to.
mj is truly the king of pop and the king of a billion hearts!
i ve always loved you mj and will continue to love you and your music.

The Dreamy Princess said...