Monday, June 15, 2009

Mistakes in an infinite while loop.

I do not know how I got trapped into this. I persist to continue. Its like repeating the same old mistakes is what i was born for.

Out of the numerous little examples. The guy(me) who have read none but one novel in the last 12 years, prefer to browse through the book store at the airport. And for no reason, instinct tells him he has to read a book, right now. Yes, I was travelling on a tight budget, so I know (I REPEAT, I KNOW) every penny counts. And suddenly, from thin air, i developed a fancy towards Salman Rushdie, and I end up buying a book of him which costs me 650. Indian rupee of course. I tried reading it, and developed this affinity to deep sleep, so I stopped reading and went for a hot cup of coffee. And now the book lay besides me, sporting a sarcastic smile. I dont think I will read that book again. I know, because my room is filled with a lot of such books. Its not the first, second, third or the tenth time I am doing this.

I hate a lot of people, probably because they are doing well in life, better than me. And when I stare and peek into their way of life, I tend to realise they prefer to do the "Right" things. Right things, according to their definition turns to be right in the long run, while Right things in my definition turns to be wrong most of the time. Its time to define definitions, and as I do it, i also realises there aint better way to waste time.

So I am back into square one, trying hard to believe what I did is right. Trying hard to believe t was right to waste Rs 650 for no reason while on a strict budget. Talking to myself and convincing my brain never to regret.

For me, I am the Mr right. If I cant be the Mr right for me, how can I be to any one else?

At least for now, I have to believe I AM right.


shiva said...


it might be the feeling of doing something wrong that makes you repeat and assert that what you did was right(which is highly subjective). ofcourse since the book will be just another dust gatherer in your room you could gift it to someone who might want to read it but doesnt have the money to buy it!!!!!!!!!!to cut the long story short you can gift it to me..............

survivingbrain said...

I dont want to gift it to anyone especially I hate sharing... maybe, i can give it to you for reading, with good understanding that you may have no intention to return it, with or without reading.


whatever, the infinite loop will remain infinite.