Monday, September 21, 2009

Anger management.

Here I was, in front of the mirror. The bathroom mirror. Looking at my face and wondering if I looked good or not. I was taking bath, and for obvious reasons, I am nude. The pot belly has reduced in diameter, probably because of my less alcohol intake, or may be, the green tea. But still I didnt like the way I looked. I am happy with everything below the waist (no detailed description, you pervert !! :P ), but everything above it seemed to need urgent attention.

I like my shoulders, but my elbow seems to need moisturizers. The lower part of my hand seems to be too dark than the upper part. Blame it on the sun and half sleeve t shirts. And well.. the face. sigh.

I dont know why I started growing my hair. Or rather, stopped cutting my hair. I wanted long hair, for no reason. Well, I aint imitating something. People say I am imitating APJ, and Dhony (when he had long hair). I hate them saying that. Coming back to the point, it looks real ugly if I dont fix it properly. Well. let it. I aint cutting it soon.

I am happy with my nose. Except for the small, painful pimples that comes up every time i forget to wash my face. My eyes are normally discolored, and droopy, but I am fine with that. Ears.. No problem. I hardly clean it. So dont peep into my ears.

I dont like my cheeks. But nothing I can do about it. My lips either. I think its too thick. well.. Open my mouth and I see my teeth.

There is this small piece broken off my front tooth. Blame it on my anger. Every time I am angry on phone, I first bite my teeth, and then this small piece will break off off my front tooth, and then I would call the other person an A@# H%^& and then keep the phone. I save a lot of mobile bill this way, but I am losing my tooth.

I need anger management. I have been counting numbers, but that piss me off fast, because I cant count properly when in anger. I need to model my brain as a set of stupid chemicals, giving out signals to the wrong dendrites and axions when in anger.

Whew.. before I finished thinking, it seems to be working. Chemicals. Blame it on the chemicals. And not the F***ing A**h*** who is standing in front of you, who did all the wrong things.

It, for sure, is a weird, weird world.


The Dreamy Princess said...


and YOU need anger management?
wat the hell wer u lecturing me >?

survivingbrain said...

well.. I am notorious for my short - really short - temper :D

And yes, I aint editing the name.. Mr Dhony wont be out of form if I wrote his name wrong..

:P :P

The Dreamy Princess said...




shiva said...

interesting analysis!

Brainybeauty said...
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