Sunday, September 13, 2009

A day with my future.

So I did. I went to this astrologer, with my friend. I am an athiest, alright, and obviously i dont believe in these stuff. Alright again. But its fun listening to people talking about our lives. Our future, our past. To believe it or not, is not the question.

My friend was more serious than I was. He believes in it, though not a hard core believer. Anyway, the appointment was fixed, and there we were, in front of this man.

He had this typical astrologer look, clad in "bhasma" on usual places on his body. He had thick beard and moustache, but groomed. We sat in chairs, and he sat in front of us, with this wooden board, rested on a small piece of furniture. That was my first time to any astrologer, and all I know about this species of men, are from movies, mostly played by thilakan. But this one was different. The ones in movies sat on the floor, wile this one preferred a chair. Good.. Its been long time since i sat on the floor, and sitting down for long means pain.

So my friend gave the "jathakam", and the astrologer took out a set of sea shells out of this cute pouch. It (the pouch) looked beautiful. Small squares were drawn on the board, and malayalam alphabets written on the sides. He took his time to arrange the shells on different squares, and whats in store for my friend was revealled. Well, majority of what he said seemed to be true, even to me. A bright future was predicted, and now it was my turn.

I didnt have this "Jathakam" because it was not written. The time, date, etc was given and he did some stuff with the shells, and there it was -

He asked me if I was married. I said no.

And heres what he had to say, -

> My life will be straight, only after I get married
> I will have increasing debt
> I will be wandering, and will not have a fixed income
> I will have no benefit from my work, others will benefit from my business
> I might have love affairs, but I do not have to guts to marry one of them
> There is a problem with the "vasthu" of my house, which is creating problems
> My mother might fall down
> It will be difficult, for me to fix up a marriage, but I must try
> Nothing will be right until I get married
> And I have to be willing to marry so that I can get married.

hmm.. the future doesnt look bright, as I dont have any intention to get married in the near future. What he said of my current state of affairs might be true, or in fact very true. So if my future, as he predicted, is in doom, if I aint getting married, well.....

I aint scared. But I am, for sure uneasy. Things was never going straight, and it never seemed it will be straight. So I am sort of used to it. Its when a solution becomes the most difficult thing you can do in life.

Well.. Still, I am an athiest. All these things should be meaningless. But the guy did disturb my mind. My people used to believe I have a secret attachment to god, and that I might be praying in private. That I am carrying with my athiesm as a fashion. I do not care what others say about my belief, and my belief stands as strong as it used to be.

Well., of course, I aint getting married. That thought is far more scary than what can happen If i dont marry.



shiva said...

the comment on this post is a smile.......... or rather a soft laugh......ofcourse not laughing at ur doom but your attitude and the last line was lighthearted..........
and about the banner , at a closer look it looks better.............than the old one.

Brainybeauty said...

look who is deseprate about future!!!...
ooooooooohhh...scaaary astrologer...having sleepless nights huh/???..scaaaaaaaaryyyy!!!!!
and bdw..
its really lame of you to be disurbed by what some shells on a board think about you!

survivingbrain said...

Well, i was disturbed for sure, not because it was an astrologer.. You get disturbed by negative things, even if thats from a complete stranger or from someone from your family.

Well, a lot depends on the mood you are in at that moment. well.. its out of the picture.

Jayant said...

Astrology....Astrologers....who's bothered.

Life is a game.

Play WIN

But do loose some times to enjoy the winning...