Friday, December 11, 2009

of Gods and Men.

I still refuse to believe in God.

They say "he" sent us to earth with a "free" mind..
And expect us to pray to him.

And if there is a "he" god, there has to be a "she" god, and they must be having children too. Yes, like in the Hindu concepts.

Christianity doesnt have a "she" god. Poor "he" god.

Whatever the religion be, Gods have anger, emotions, and empathy. They will take care of you if you pray.

And yes, they are happy if they get money.
Greedy, Greedy gods.. they have the whole universe with them, and they still need the money from us to give us some favour in return !!!

We are all the sons of Gods..

I dont want parents who refuse to come to me in person.

ps: Yes, believers are like sheep, as they say. Blind to the world, and not able to think in themselves, and yes, following a book, which was written by a good novelist years back.


Celi said...

I"m a sheep: I believe in God!
Who's your personal God? Money? Work?
I think "of Gods and men very interesting. I've liked to read it.
God luck and have a nice twesday!

survivingbrain said...

its not necessary that you have a personal GOD.

Its very much possible to live withoout that !!

And yes, thanks for visiting my page, and for the comment


midnight murderer said...

the feminine face of god is something that i have always wondered about.
and paulo coehlo has written a book on it.
by the river piedra i sat down and wept.
and abou they being there in hindu system.
have you noticed that the hindu female gods are moer or less powerless,save durga may be?

and i have a secret for you.
i had stopped believing in god from may be tenth,
but its from you that i learnt that i can be bold enough to say that to the whole world.
thank you.for that.