Wednesday, December 30, 2009


267 posts and 3 years.

the fire to write has turned into droopy eyes that refuse to look at the computer screen.
I need to be alcoholic again.


DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

ur mad.
u dnt hv 2 drink to write.

Amith said...

Ha Ha..!! It seems that you're really mad brother..!!

What's the relation between blogging and alcoholism..?? Does it mean that all good bloggers are addicted to alcohol..? Lol

I will be waiting eagerly to see more and more posts from you.

survivingbrain said...

@dreamy XXX

as if u never knew that i am mad :P:P

does that mean that i am a good blogger.. lol

anyway, alcohol do bring me into the mood to write, though not always. It frees the thoughts, relaxes, which yu cant do when you are drowned with 3 months of work and a hell lot of other stuff bugging you.

flotsam said...

he who hath drunk and writ,
will not question this bit!