Sunday, January 16, 2011

Conversations III


~~ No, I dont believe in that story. See, you cant believe these words.

-- Why not?

~~ You should believe what you see, and not what you hear.

-- Yeah, i have read that in a t shirt.

~~ yeah yeah.

-- See, I think we should have a coffee now.

~~ Cant. The train comes in 5 mins.

-- Says who?

~~ The large sized public address system.

-- Dont believe it, Cause you heard it.

~~ yeah. yeah. Whats the point.?

-- Things are relative.

~~ They are. SO?

-- Nothing..

~~ Why nothing?

-- Because it IS relative. I wanted to say something I want you to believe. But since things are relative, you will believe it in your way and may not respond it in a way i want you to, because the very reason why I want to tell you something might be for the responses i want from you. It is real weird, because, all we need as a social animal, are the responses from each other. A smile, a look, a laugh, a pat, this, that. Sometimes even the brain have no idea about the response the other person will give. But still, he wants them. Its called curiosity.

~~ Einstein !. Evey one knows what curiosity is.

-- Yes, they do.  What is YOUR point.

~~ You should sleep well.

-- Sigh. Think so.


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