Sunday, February 13, 2011

The aam admi.


I am getting sick of this word, and I am furious. Its all about what the aam admi didnt get. Every time, there is a hike in the fuel prices, there is an increase in the price of the onion, the blame game starts with the aam admi. Alright. over 70% of India is the aam admi, or the common man (Which, I am also a part of).

I dont want to write a lot, and ramble on. Just ONE line. 

The state of affairs of a country is the EXACT reflection of the behavior pattern for the majority of population. 

So if the common man wants better facilities, better change your attitude.
You may stop giving the bribe, you may stop spitting on the road, pile up your entire kitchen waste on the road and complain that the government aint taking action. You may stop harassing your kids for better marks, and you may teach your kids better behaviour by setting an example yourselves. You may work better for the nation, then, YOU have the right to question the government you yourselves put into power.