Thursday, February 10, 2011

The power of small things.


I was, very peaceful when I walked out of my home, to take the train to err... Trivandrum. Seems like my much hated place is going to be my place for some time now. I got out early, thinking of a possibility to have a gin and rum mix, and possibly some food. I was way too early, So I decided to catch a bus rather than the usual last-minute-auto. I have started to love buses, especially when a beer and a litre of petrol costs the same. So, with the aforementioned peaceful mind, I got out of the bus, ready to catch the auto to my favourite drinking place. 

No Auto? Damn. Cant see one, in the heart of the city, and which ever came into my proximity had a whole family/bald man/oversized lady/ and the the likes in it. Well.. I decided to walk on. Slight frustration started to pour in. 

I walked in, and this bus came at supersonic speed, and honked right behind me, while i was very much on the footpath. S*** scared, I jumped off to the left to avoid any contact with the gigantic scrap of metal. Adrenaline. Damn. $%^&*. 

Cursing the bus, I walked on, only to put my feet in a puddle of mud. Damn again. 

I walked and walked, and I started t sweat, possibly the added affect of the adrenaline. Still, no auto in sight. And in no time, I was at the drinking place. 

Well. The people have changed. No on I used to know. even the bar boys. And the table I dropped in had scraps of food and it seems like they have no intention to clean it up. And when I had a look at the watch, the time for the train was closing in. So Instead of the peaceful sip, I had quick gulps, and rushed to the station. 

Well yes. As usual. A thick mustached, pot bellied, bald idiot sitting on my seat. My polite requests did not deter him, he asked me to simply climb up my berth and sleep !. Well. 

Only a couple of weeks back, I had my most peaceful couple of weeks in Singapore.  Not that I did not have issues. My robot had to retire early, and I had spent a fortune making it. I should have been real upset for that. But, all those two weeks, No buses honked, People were courteous, Eating places were clean, and There was no rush whatsoever. People wait patiently when an elderly crosses. They dont swear. Nothing. I was peaceful.

Its not the big things or the big buildings or crystal clean footpaths. Its all in the people. I had created a big mess in trains, Have shouted at an entire Punjabi family , cursed an old couple in such a volume that the TTE came in from the other compartment to see whats happening. When small things accumulate, people behave bad. The boy at the bar, the driver who honks, the guy in the government office who takes bribe, the boy in the classroom who slaps the teacher, the guy who raped and killed the girl in the train. Everyone. Things would have been much better if we take care of the smallest of the things. And the same is the easiest, and that is the irony of it.


Pearl said...

thr frustration shows!!

survivingbrain said...

thanks pearl for peeping in.
good to see you here.