Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Girls of the spoilt kind.


I am most comfortable when I drink alone. But then, once in a while, i do get to drink in a group. A group of people I know.  And thats when I have stories coming up.

So today, I get to hear this story this "spoilt" girl. Well, guys use a very different word, and you know what. 

Apparently, the story of this girl did come in the newspaper. I dont know what happened actually, but as the story went, the girl delivered a kid inside the toilet of her college hostel, and killed the kid and left it inside the bucket. The girl comes from an affluent family, and the funny part is that no one, even her roommates didnt know she was pregnant. The girl was hospitalized, obviously bleeding, and with a lot of complications. later, the documents was written in a way that the kid died at the hospital.

Well. this is a story i heard. I have no idea what actually happened. 

There are a lot of questions raised. as to how she could hide the pregnancy. A lots of hows and whys. How a mom could kill her kid. And this and that. Everything about the girl is under question. I asked these questions myself, before jumping in to point the fingers at the girl give her my share of curse. 

How different her childhood be, from the 'normal', the so called 'good' girls? For her to do a different deed than normal, she might have had a different kind of past. Different set of reasons. Different set of people. The realization that accusing her or justifying her doesnt make any difference did haunt me for a while. It doesnt seem to be a gender biased thing. men who commit crimes, kill people, and rape kids come in the same category. Circumstances. And those circumstances are not, created by them. but by all of us. We make fun of overweight people. We look down at underprivileged people. We look at beggars and street children more of a nuisance than as human beings. We dont give them respect as they grow up, and they grow up to rape and kill. 

But, if the girl comes in front of me, will I be able to give her the respect as to a human being? Or should I not give her the respect and look at her as If I have seen the worst creature on earth? Will she be cool headed to take all these positively? or is she going through a rough time? A million girls in this world, and how different is this girl from the others? 

Views keep changing. Girls with different history and size and shape comes in. The fact that we have no set of rules to refine our thoughts drives me nuts. May be, I should not worry about girls. may be, i should stop drinking with my friends. 


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