Monday, April 16, 2012

the non living being inside us.


From the times I remember, I have been told that we (read human kind) is superior. Superior to all the beings in the world. That, we possess intelligence. That, we have bigger brains. That, we have emotions that other living beings does not have. That, we have better abilities to talk. wow.

The very fact that I am typing this in my lap top, which will communicate, wire less to the router down the hall, to a remote server in some part of the world, store this, and let other people see, is by itself a very complicated and interesting fact. I dont belive the cat sleeping peacefully in the yard will be able to make something like this. We are indeed, very unique.

I like to make robots, or in general machines. So, my dream machine is a robot, with near human proportions. Replicating the human body will need replications in less than nano levels.

And at nano levels, or lesser, we are just an array of non living beings !

I have to face it. We are just an array of non living things. I was true. My set of chemicals theory is true. Love, hate, anger, lust, and even the mush sort after feeling of orgasm is, just in fact, a chemical reaction.


(I have no idea, if you, the reader gets what i mean. It doesnt matter, but this is quite depressing for me, the feeling of depression being another chemical reaction.)
(And we are so pissed off at government and corruption and lot of other things like this.)


Kappu said...

LOL, reading your blog post is another chemical reaction response-stimuli and transfer of signals via neurons compelling my brain to do the act of commenting.

But understanding it? Is that a Chemical reaction too? I fail to understand that - perhaps you can enlighten me - if this was not written in light spirits!!

Thanks for the post! Nice break from those that stick to "genres"

survivingbrain said...

understanding, is the net state of the neural net.So is memory. So are the feelings.
Thanks for dropping by !!

Sowmya Purushotham said...

what are you feeling bad about?! that you feel you're a array of non-living beings..! If you're talking about less than nano parameter then why not consider an "electron"; a fully energetic, lively, proto- invention of every minute you find. Collect some protons, neutrons, electrons connect them with Proto- bionic, symbiosis living state. Keep me posted on your research! - YOU CAN BE BETTER