Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smoking laughter


~ So why are you laughing all the time these days??
> its because i have started smoking

~ Why do you have to be this vague all the time??
> See, you said every cigarette i smoke takes away 5 minutes off my life.

~ ??
> You also said laughing increases my life.



Carpe Diem! said...

Darling, it's not just laughing. It's the happiness. It's the happy belly laugh which will increase your life.

Kappu said...

Thats guffawing? Trying to be happy when you are not all that happy?? :D

And smoking is smoking cool - I wish for strawberry flavoured cigarettes with red and orange smoke :P

nice post! tnx

Athira Unni said...

you think you're really smart dont you? :|

survivingbrain said...

@carpe:: wat made you think that was the point of the post??:P

@kappu:: well.. it was not about me happy or not either !! :P

@inky:: I dont hav to THINK i am smart, its a wll know universal fact that i AM smart.

Athira Unni said...

funny it never struck me as a 'fact'.

Sowmya Purushotham said...

you reminded me of Charlie Chaplin for a moment! - "Let me cry in rain then no one will know that I'm crying"