Friday, June 22, 2012

Hypocrisy, Hatred and Internet.

The facebook supporters have this point - that it is the best way to spread your ideas. You click, you share, and the whole world knows about it. And yes, since the whole world as we know, are glued to this screen with faces in it, the whole world WILL know about it.

And this is what, i found recently in the social networking circles.

Well, at least in Keralite circles, her accent is notorious. I used to and still hate her presentation style. Its too irritating to watch her malayalam shows. Anyway since i dont watch any of them reality shows, I am not bothered much.

But, this video is too stupid. The girl, who ever she is, has the right to party, has the right to be with anyone she likes and do what ever she wants to in her life. Her getting drunk/smoke/party/have sex is her thing, her life and nothing for an average keralite to worry about. And there was nothing in the above video that she did to hate her as a show host, or anything in the video to hate her as a person.

And, most of the people, who hate her, are worried about the traditional culture !!!

So, if i were to take snaps of the private life of all these haters, and make a video like the one above, what will i see??

Pictures of people groping girls in bus, having  hardons by seeing the cleavage of a 60 year old lady, Flashing their hardons near womens colleges and schools, Jacking off  to porn everyday,  Installing hidden cams in bathrooms, abusing girls who walk the road, have extra marital affairs, Getting drunk every day, and then puke on the road and then sleep where ever they are, make fake facebook profiles and stalk girls, make stories of the girl who turned you down, and what not, the list grows on and on.

Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself.

I still hate to see her shows, but it is unfair and stupid to have a hate wave against her for her private life. If you dont like her shows, dont watch. And do something better than wasting your time to peep into someone elses personal life and count the number of cigarettes he/she smokes a day or the number of people the other person slept with.

Facebook spreads a lot of hate, and less of love and peace. I am sure i am right about this. At least this.