Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cats and dogs.


So, if given a choice, to replace all the street dogs in Bangalore with cats, wont you be preferring it??

And you say dogs are better animals than cats !!!


of course, this is a question to the so called dog lovers, from a so called cat lover.

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Kappu said...

A dog lover (me) says yes! But that certainly is not because of how adorable and cute cats are et al , its because they are quiet and basically mind their business as opposed to the hullabaloo a dog creates (like the streets you mentioned, the public prefer quietness alone, disquiet is chaos/riot-like). Probably this is why people who don’t blog, don’t understand the ranting nature of bloggers, so are we dogs here? :P

P/s I believe the statement “Dog is love”, about “God is love” I still have my apprehensions about that statement. My folks get pissed of at me at times, but my doggie doesn’t!

Cheers!!! do stop by my blog, Kappu