Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bribing the Gods.


I have always wondered if GOD loves money. Well, with the recent developments, i understand that not only GOD loves money, he will do things for you if we bribe him/her well.

Basically we have to 'please' him. I Understand prayers as the least expensive and uncomplicated way to please him/her. So when someone prays, the GOD, which/who is omnipresent, hears the prayer, and becomes happy, and blesses the person. What i am surprised is his recent interest towards money. It is one thing, GOD did not, or could not, create. He has no access to money, so he has ways by which he makes we humans to deposit money to the places of worship.

The Karnataka Govt, are one of the recent victims of GOD's greed to money and attention. Its like the traffic police at the end of the month. You dont have a choice if they catch you, just bribe them and leave. So, seems like the month end for GOD, and he decided not to give monsoon to the Kannadigas. His plan worked, and amazingly well. 

Check out how his plan worked:  click here

Yes, only GOD can save this country.


I have always believed GOD, to be a human creation. No wonder, why he has emotions, why he has a big ego. And why, especially Indian Gods, are corrupt.


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