Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Blue sunday.


---- Just another day in my life. For no reason felt like putting it up in the blog.

8 15: Call from my friend, From Australia. His cousin, our age ,who I know, had died.

Died in a bike accident. In bangalore.
Survved by a young wife, a 3 year old daughter and a 2 month old son.
Was to fly to US of A next month.

Got out of bed. made black tea. Straight to the computer.
Did not feel like working. Random thoughts came in and out.

Every one was sad about the widow. and the kids. Now they are sad because he had a kid. It was better, if not fine, if he did not have kids.

But then, everyone were happy when the kids where born. The irony.

I should play a game. Age of Empires. the very first version. The same one we played in 1999, on our college days.

First game, lost.
Time to pot.
Second game, lost.
Made black tea again.
Took out the wheat bread, made bread omlet.
And then some with Pinapple Jam.

Third game, lost. Damn.
Forth game, almost about to win after 2 hours of play. Fuck, i accidentally pressed the power button, and I did not save.

Its about 2. Felt bored. Watched porn. Even bored.

Back to the game.
Won, at last.

Played again. won. damn, it is 5. There is a live band playing at the pub. I need to take the dress from laundry. All i have is a full sleeve shirt, and i am not wearing that with the shorts to the pub.

One more game, and i will go.
one more game, and it was 6 30. Just half hour for the happy hours to end. Chuck the laundry.

Took the old over sized t shirt, sprayed AXE all over, that should take care of the smell.

Too lazy to ride the bycycle. took the auto.

Just made minutes before happy hours.

500. 500 is all i am going to spend today. I kept repeating all over again. I jat have 3k till the salary comes. which will be after 5th.

500. Dont spend more than 500. Drink beer. Cheapest.
No, beer depress me.

Looked at the bartender. He smiled his usual wicked smile.
I said old monk.
No old monk !!!

He said, have whiskey, sir. Have glenlivet. He knew my old fav.
450 for 30ml. No way.
Fuck the 500.

Chivas, 2 large please.
and that is 350 for 30. 1400 for 2 large. 420 discount. its a 1000 bucks. fuck it, i am having it.

And the band played. not bad, decent. Pretty decent for a band who have been playing for just 3 weeks.

Sipped the whiskey, slowly. Lot of hot chicks around. Lot of them.

Felt out of place. I hate it when there is too much of crowd.

Then a girl took my lighter, without even asking me, and vanished.
I chased her, and saw her giving it to a friend of hers.

I got pissed.

I walked to her friend, and demanded the lighter from her.

At least i got it back.
Ordered chicken fried rice. Yummy. One of the best i ever had.

Enjoyed the music. I saw the girls and guys dancing to led zeppelin - Black dog. No way you can dance with that song, but they did.

I hate it when couples dance like salsa to a classic rock song. It is not just meant to be. Shake your head, not the hips.

Pub closed, payed 1200.

Walked back. Saw the lead singer. shook his hands, and said he did a good job.

He said he was happy hearing it from me..

(me? why me? its the same thing - He thinks, as many of them, mostly due to my long hair, that i am a great musician or something.)

I did not correct him. I did not want to tell him i am just another guy with a long hair, and that i cannot sing half as good as he sings.

Walked back.
Counted the cigarettes i smoked in the last 4 hours.
hmm.. 20.
No wonder i have the chest pain.

Bought 5 more, as I walked back. I need it for the night and for the next day when i pot.

Reached home. could not sleep.

Played again. till 2.30 in the morning. Feeling slightly asleep. I should sleep now, after all, i have won the last game.

Series of thoughts came in as i got down to bed. The thought on how the widow will recover, the thought on if i should ever marry, the thought on what will happen to my kids if i ever have kids.

I would rather let the wife die, and i live in pain, rather than I die and let them in pain.

I cannot die now. At least I cannot suicide. Not until  both my parents are dead.


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