Saturday, July 13, 2013

As usual.


As usual, life keeps changing. Without warning.

I am a part time DJ now. I work in two pubs, quite known for Rock music in Bangalore. I was happy, when i started it off, i am still happy as i get payed to play my music. And a free beer and food. This was unexpected, as i was a regular customer there, and got this chance by mere chance.

As usual, i am screwing up relationships. May be i am with the wrong people. Or may be I was the wrong person. I guess i will keep meeting new people, and keep screwing it up.

I have no clue what my health is like. I know it is bad, and getting worse. I am too scared to do a check up.

I have asked someone else to manage my finances. Looks like this was one of the best decision i made in a long time.

I got kicked out of a "Freethinking "facebook group. For my comments about feminism. Looks like feminists are highly intolerant, that they cannot see eye to eye with anyone not agreeing with feminism. I still dont know what feminism is, as ever other feminist i meet have a different definition for it. Happy that i am out of a group who calls themselves free thinkers and are highly influenced by ideologies. Sad because i thought i will have a like minded social circle in Bangalore, but it went off even before it started.

I need to let go certain close people in my life. I am trying, and i think i will be able to do it in some time.

Need to go back to the good old isolated days. Have to let go the things i think is most precious for me.

I will be free then.


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