Wednesday, September 25, 2013



I am back. I guess i have to start writing in here again. I gave it a try. I re opened my facebook account, added people, and started writing on the wall. Every time i think of something, i write there. People can 'like' there. Can comment. easy for them. So i post something and then wait for people to 'like' it. For people to comment on it.

Its been about 8 months now i guess. I started groups, joined groups. Added friends. Joined discussions. I wanted to see what the fuck, is the great thing called facebook. I did not judge it in the first month, the second month. I waited and waited to see how involved i will get.

Involved i did get. I started loggin in daily. I started to spend at least 15 minutes a day, at times upto an hour. Reading what people wrote. Watching photographs of people. Sneaking into the photographs of beautiful girls.

In the end, i know what i missed. This old space. The one place i portray myself in raw. This one place which gave me the courage to get naked to the world.

It was never about the likes and the comments. it was about a mirror. A mirror which never lies.

My seventh year of blogging. Looks like this is the only long term relationship i will have.



Nefertiti said...

welcome back! and yes, it IS the mirror; not FB, not twitter not any of the hundred other social networking sites...

This IS it...

ash said...


Pearl said...

Absolutely true! Blogs allow a freedom to express freely!