Monday, September 19, 2016



Its been long. Thats fine.

There has been changes. Lots of them.

And what I really need is to get back where I left. At least mentally.

I am trying to. But I dont remember the person I used to be. But I did realize a lot about myself. The inner wirings of my brain, which was never exposed to before, was put under test. Obviously, I did not do well in the test. There is this scary realisation, that I cannot do things I thought I could. I am just not wired for it. 

Things have been really bad for the last two years. No one to blame, neither do I have to take the blame I guess. I just slowly need to take one thing at a time and fix it. Which is normally quite difficult when there are lots of things to fix. 

I doubt I will come out of this the way I want to come out. But in the end, it is the attitude I chose for myself. I will have to learn to live with it. 

I am really, not particularly furious at any one. Even me. Looking back, it is one of those tests which I failed. Failed to execute well. It was stupid of me to even take the test when I was not prepared. 

But yes, I made it to this blog at least. That, I guess, is a good step. 

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