Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The bleeding leg

I used to be very afraid of those leeches, when i set out for those nature trips. Yes, i used to be. I still remember when i used to try hard and guard every millimeter square (a bad influence of physics and maths) of my skin. I could not bear the sight of my bleeding skin, and even with one bite of the smallest leech, all the hell in all sorts of worlds would break lose.

Things have changed.

Now i walk the jungle with slippers, and the leeches still love me.

and as the wounds increase, every year, some of us reach a point when we do not stop by to cure them. We continue the walk with the bleeding leg.

But you do not want them leeches to get higher up your legs, do you???


lonely planet said...

I don’t mean to be condescending, but its “leech”.

Jobin said...

hee hee...
however, you got the point, right??

survivingbrain said...

ya.. i have edited them leaches.. hee hee..