Monday, January 14, 2008

Feeling Alive

The feeling of feelings proves the existence of existence.

Anger. Happiness. Jealousy. Sadness. Surprise. Numbness. Anguish. Romance.
Pain. Pleasure. Pride. Depression. Hunger.

Just to mention a few feelings/emotions that the brain gives to the brain.

Some people think emotions make people alive. Some people think its when we have both joys and sorrows, do our life become meaningful. Some people look for success. Some people yearn to live the way the "holy Book" ask them to.

A million people, a million definition for life. The ones who really doesn't want to live, has already committed suicide, or are immobile from previous attempts.

What makes one feel alive?? Looking at the way the emotions people have, I remain confused.

Some bursts into tears watching a movie.
Some laughs at the same scene.
Some are confused.
Some feel uneasy.
Some avoids such movies.
Some plunge into deep thought.
Some argue as to the cause of the movie.
Some makes resolutions.

They all live until they are dead.
The world remains. Come what may.

Feeling Alive?

Image courtsey: google. Reproduced without permission from the unknown artist.

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