Wednesday, January 02, 2008



1. the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.
2. the Supreme Being considered with reference to a particular attribute:

This question has always lingered in my mind since my childhood. All known definitions of GOD points to the most powerful in the entire universe. Implies, GOD is supreme to all humans, has higher level of thinking, and has control of everything in the universe.

One of the reasons why i turned atheist at a very young age - as early as age 12 - was the difference in the way GOD was defined and the way GOD was treated by the people around me. As another Sabarimala season comes to an end, I see crores of money devoted to shree Ayyappan. This money, obviously, goes into the devaswom board, which in turn goes to the bank accounts of the people ruling the board. In effect, the "holy" money can be seen as modified houses, luxury cars, and purchased lands.

Why is it that so many millions of people want to give the money to the corrupt ministers and the people who rule the board?? I am not just talking as to the case of Sabarimala, But there are numerous churches and temples, and mosques, who take in a lot of money from the devotees.

So, GOD loves money, which means Money makes GOD happy and in turn my money offered make GOD happy and will he hear my prayers and fullfill it.. Does it??

Forget money - anything - anything offered to GOD for fulfilling the prayers - I dont see any difference between GOD and the middle aged officer who needs a bribe for anything.

Is GOD so human to have emotions of anger, and emotion to be pleased, or to have a desire to punish the sinner??

If GOD is someone who rules the world, and if he is indeed the supreme power, and if he can change our lives - he is the same person who brings in hunger in Africa - He brings communal riots - He brings in natural disasters.

If that is his wish, I prefer not to accept him.
Even it means years of hell waiting for me. ( As if it isnt!! :P )

Sunday mornings are mine!! (So are other days, of course!)


Brainybeauty said...

you know what...some of the questions in your post...have been asked by me to myself many times...
but it is fact that God exists...not the human god's who find joy in punishing the sin doers
...but the god (supreme energy)..who created the universe and who lies deep within every soul!

Aisibi said...

The truth is always what you, you alone, discover at the end of the day. Nothing else matters.