Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trust - II

When you have it
You don't care to keep it

When you loose it
You can never claim it

Throw it
If you worry keeping it.

It was stolen.
While asleep.


Brainybeauty said...

a good one..i like it...even i cant blame myself for this cause!..kool....thaks for giving me an answer on when will i be blameless...coz ..i always..mess up with my things!

survivingbrain said...

and how did this post relate to your cause?

lonely planet said...

..... is an obsolete and irrelevant concept.

Brainybeauty said...

well..i just related it to me...and please tell me how can i relate things with reference to you!....i thought it was you who said...nothing is too obvious in your i never tried to relate it to you..but related it to me!