Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Being one

from we are
to we is


Brainybeauty said...

whats with your grammer?

The Dreamy Princess said...

that's bad english!! nthn more

survivingbrain said...

Think logical, idiots !!

The Dreamy Princess said...

oh ryt!!! we can think logically evn without grammar teenuu didu noe that!!!

survivingbrain said...

as usual!!

evolve, girls!!

you need more brain than vacuum inside to atleast admire the beauty of a two liner like this.

I wonder, what you girls would say if it were a four liner!!

I repeat,

The Dreamy Princess said...

beauty of a two liner!!!!!!!!!!!

yh its sooo beautiful that im sure itll get the miss universe award...enough?

and about evolving, i dont have the power to bring back darwin or else i would have taken ur advice...