Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Disbelief. (Of the highest order)

As a kid, he loved to stare at the skies. The shining, twinkling multitude of holes in the night sky and the cold soothing breeze that accompanies the midnight times were something special. Nothing would amuse him more than the moving moon, and the occasional sparks in the night sky. Someone has told him moon is huge in size, and that it will take a lot of time to reach there, and for that he need to get into something called a rocket.

He hated sun. Why is that it has to be hot in the noon. The sweat. That could be one reason why he loved the rain, and would run into it at every possible chance. He loved to cuddle into a blanket and watch the rain fall down, along the edges of the roofing, at the evening, and see the sun giving up the day to the night.

Cats did amuse him. He loved the way it walked, the way it slept, and the way it looked. Every prospect of a cat was amusing. So much was in the nature, for him to be amused of and to be thought of.

He used to pray to God, for each and every needs. When he wanted a toy, he would pray, and sometimes God would give his father a toy and then his father would give it to him. Since God gave the sweets and the toys he wanted, he always made sure that he prays to God everyday. His life was very happy as a ten year old, and he used to get good marks at school. God helped.

Everything was done as asked, and no questions were asked. But still, there was nature in front of him, and some questions remained unanswered. And there was something called death. People die and good people go to heaven, and bad people go to hell. So he need to be good, or he will be tortured in hell. He never understood why there were bad people, and he never understood why people would want to go to hell.

And then it happened. He decided to be an athiest.
More precisely, the disbelief in God.

May be, it had something to do with marks. When, suddenly, there seemed to be a gradual decrease in the marks scored at school, the world seemed to be a different place. Humiliation at school, and worse, at home, was of the highest order. There seemed to be no time to stare at the skies and to wonder. There seemed to be no time to watch the rain fall. Sun seemed to be hotter than ever before. God and family seemed to be estranged.

He would go the the lab at school and watch the human skeleton for hours. Science and nature would engross him, and he would make gadgets out of everything possible. Every piece of money stolen from home would go to resistors and chemicals, and a small lab would be set up at his small room. He was a bit sad that no questions about what he knew were asked at the exams. Slowly, God and family went out of the equation, as both of them seemed to love marks, and he didnt have any with him.

***** END OF PART 1*****


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and the boy grew be YOU!
thats something good that happened out of all the atheisticism i guess.