Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The dance


He woke up to the mild heat creeping up to his face. The eyelids seemed to be too heavy to open up. Reddish yellow films of light peeked into his dry and dizzy eyes as he tried to make out where he was. As the deeply blurred images sharpened to form recognizable ones, his worst nightmare came true. He has been captured. For the feast.

He tried running away, but could not feel his legs or hands. They were too numb and tied up. He has lost his clothes, and stood naked, held up by a rotten piece of wood. His chest supported the chin, which was dripping blood.

The ring of fire around seem to be fast approaching. It has been long since sunset. Vague shadows resembling men seem to dance wild behind the fire. Well. They are men.


really. snap.

I need to brush my teeth now.


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