Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The terror that will not die.

well. Things are NOT going to stop. Its because terrorists are being made, every day, every now and then. At some part of the world.

We motivate them terrorists. We give them air to brethe. Babri Masjid. Gujarat Riots. Israel. Lot other stuff.

The rich people who buy mutilated religious lines sponsor this thing called terrorism. Even if, for the time being, we kill 90% of the terrorists by invading into Pakistan, the next generation will be motivated by this very same invasion , and some idiots may cry - "Denial of human rights"

Alarming, but true. This CANNOT be stopped in this century, atlest. But what can be done is, to tighten up the security so that less people die.

One billion Indians. hundreds may die in one attack. We bother.
We light up candles, hold TV discussions, brag, point fingers, and what not.

Hundreds die because of bad roads, due to corruption. Hundreds die of malnutrition. Hundreds die in riots. Hundreds die because of negligence. Hundreds die in stampedes at holy places.

Every day, in India.

Just that we DO NOT notice.

We have to live on. Ignore the terror. Lets not get terrorised.


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