Saturday, December 27, 2008

The war that people LOVE.

Yes. I thought I will hold myself from writing something on terror. But this sudden urge to write came in when i was taking the shower (yes, i do, twice a day, unlike you) and as a matter of fact, is not even dressed when i write this. 

It was the discussion boards. The discussion boards on rediff, and elsewhere in the web. Majority wants a war. Wipe out pakistan. Not repeat the mistake of 71. 

Hmm. Even I wanted. I wanted it  one month before. I guess it was all adrenalin rush though. Its still rushing in many people, mine came down a couple of days before. 

I have been following war situations for about a year now. I never liked history, but here I was, searching, browsing and reading everything about war. I even made it a point to see war movies - Not the American ones (which shows America in war), which i believe is biased, and hyped. 

Now, If India went into war with pakistan. 
1) What are the possible objectives - target ?
    a) conquer Pakistan
    b) Destroy terrorist camps
    c) Claim back  Pok

and then??

Thats the big question. America went into afghan, bombed, conquered. Went into iraq. Bombed. Conquered. And then??

There are more insurgents in both countries than pre american strikes !!! The attack failed. Now I will be a fool to believe that India have better economy and Army than the US. No, we have to admit, we do not have. All we have is strength in numbers, not in sophistication and coordination.

I remember the kargil conflict. It was NOT a war with pakistan. It was just clearing out infiltrators(The pakistan Army of course). The objective was to get back the land, and was limited to our side of LOC.  There was not much state of emergency in the country(Compared to older war situations). I remember shrugging my shouders when the conflict broke up. I was NOT interested. I was wondering if they need that land so desperately, why not India give it up and stop the killing. Needless to say, I did not know history. I never knew so many (millions, YES, MILLIONS) of people were killed in riots and military operations in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan post partition. Even my father was a two year old then.

500 something Indian soldiers died in Kargil. Something which could have been prevented.  No Indian city was attacked. There was no civilian casualty. Because the war was in Kargil. 

Its not going to be like that this time. At this time of economic turmoil, if a war broke up, the nation will be at a stand still. Inflation will go up. Petrol and diesel prices will shoot up. Rice will be too expensive. I am NOT at a hype. 

Remember how vegetable prices shoot up when the truck workers went to strike for a couple of days? 
Remember there was NO petrol for a couple of days?  
Remember the complains of different sectors of people when the Petrol price was hiked 5 rupee?
Remember the complains of different sectors of people when the Petrol price came down 5 rupee?(saying they should reduce more?)
Remember the IT sector coming down when US recession started?
Remember the stock exchange crash?

And a countless other stuff?

What if all came together? How are we going to face it? We will blame the Govt for going on war !! Thats all we do. Blame the govt for anything and everything. After all, its us, who put the govt there. Its us, who support corruption. Its us, who will give and accept bribe. And its us, who complain about corruption. 

We can sit here at our home asking the govt. to go on war. What we have to understand is, war is NOT something that happens in some remote area of North India, and that nothing will happen to us when a war breaks out. We, especially the south Indians (including me) have seen nothing, have NOT seen the terrible side of terrorism much, thats one reason why the feeling of security comes in. This feeling is given to us, by the soldiers who die every month, still. War will bring the killings to the civilians, and more civilians are going to die, when a war breaks out. Any takers? What about the possible riots post war?

So, if not war, what is the solution for this?

As long as we give a chance to them to get motivated (Gujarat riots, American attacks, Babri masjid), they will remain motivated. But the terrorists are a very small minority. All we need to do is to tighten up the security measures. The US was not attacked afte 9/11 NOT because they attacked Afghanistan. Its because they spent, and acted on the security measures. They have least corruption, at least not when it comes to national security.

Its obvious, if the Coast guard was on alert, This could have been avoided altogether. ALTOGETHER. The knowledge of the smuggling route helped them. Why was there a smuggling route ?? 

You dont need a war to handle terrorists. All you need is to clean up the inside, and remove pot belly policemen and from the force. Forget the politicians. 

Well, we know its easier to go on WAR. 


The Dreamy Princess said...

I seriously dont think anyone needed a war with pak in the 1st place even after the 26/11 thingy...

Howvwer i did not
did u?
n whatever happens i dont think there should be a war too..oh cmon what's with the guns n bombs..??
cant we jus take a decision to learn from experiences?
and anyway the lahore blasts prove that even pak is under attack..!!! still the idiots dont take action..!!

Jobin said...

well dear,

A lot of people want war. I wanted. A lot of people around me wanted.

A war is inevitable when things get even worse. Like, for instance, a second attack coming in.

Its all in the name of religion. Imagine, if the concept of GOD or religion was not there, how many war could have been avoided? how many riots !!!

And religious people say - If there were no religion, world is going to be a bad place to live in !!!

Thanks for the comment !!

The Dreamy Princess said...

hmmm...u know wat? the religion thingy is rly BLASTED IDIOCRACY..!!

if these ppl evr knew the meaning of religion n God they wud nvr be terrorists..!!

and ...well i jus hope they stop this...its getting worser and worser evryday..!!

The impulsive RAM said...

a little long one... this... yet am glad that you thought abt it.........wonder what would have happened if the youth of India had done the same thing? We blame everything on everyone else, and never look within us. When we change, the world changes too!!