Saturday, November 07, 2009


I got no clue to what i am looking at. It could be a person to have a drink with, a person to have a talk, or a person to share the bed with. Worse, it could be all of the above. I am in no position to start a new relationship, and these are times when I am keeping away from the company of a woman, for multiple reasons.

A strange, weird feeling have taken over me, which drives me into talking. chatting. The feeling looks quite temporary. But I aint putting a hold to it. I dont have to stop something which I feel, is temporary. If it is not, then I should not be holding at all.

Either way, let it be. As long as it doesnt hurt anyone.
So let the thin 5ft. remain.


shiva said...

you didnt make a mention of what the feeling was?

The Dreamy Princess said...

woah woah woah :P