Saturday, November 14, 2009

The fetus and the mother.

The mother killed the fetus for the fear of losing it.


shiva said... it seemed to me so........

The Dreamy Princess said...

u knw wat..
it soo symbolical.. yh metaphorical.

midnight murderer said...

its not disturbing,
but it happens.
anything that happens is very far from disturbing.
and i think it is FEOTUS.

survivingbrain said...

@midnight murderer:

relative. things are relative.

And yes, i aint quite sure of the spelling.. but microsoft word did not give a red line below it, so I assumed.. !!

And yes, my english, is at times, hopeless.. :)

Amith said...


Hmmm...Good one brother.Yeah the spelling is not wrong..We can use either Fetus or foetus :-)

midnight murderer said...

its not hopeless.
everybody makes that kind of mistakes
and i do agree with you at that.
things ARE relative.