Wednesday, November 04, 2009

one good invention.

well.. i have been talking about invention and inventions.. Its been some time since a revolutionary invention was made - since the invention of condoms and other contraceptives..

SO here is this invention I want badly.. The machine uses the existing internet connection.

The user A, pours whiskey to the bluetooth "whiskey reader" in his laptop, and the poured whiskey comes out through the whiskey/universal alcohol receiver at user B system.

The internet /admin may charge 10ml of whiskey per 120 ml transferred.

comments welcome.


shiva said...

you should be working on it. there'd be plenty of drunkards awaiting it. you might even win a nobel prize that year!!!!!

Amith said...

Whoa..!!!Awesome and clever invention brother.I do feel that you will win a Nobel prize for the same.Meanwhile i doubt whether this invention mislead the young generations.I do really admire you brother :)

survivingbrain said...

@ amith..

Funny, that you said the invention will mislead younger generation !!

This invention, cannot be as poisonous as the Internet itself !

And yes, thanks for the comments.

Amith said...

@ Surviving Brain :-

I do agree with you friend.Just like what you had said,it won't be as poisonous as Internet.

Bad people always use the things in a bad way right..?? So there is no need for us to worry :-P