Monday, February 15, 2010



I dont remember if i were this confused.

I remember college. I would wake up at 9 for the 9.30 semester exam. I would decide not to write the exam, in a matter of seconds, just because i felt like sleeping a bit more. Never confused, never had any regrets. Was never confused, when i decided to quit some of my relationships. A matter of seconds. No not even a second. Its like the decision is etched in my mind beforehand, i just have to look at it and do whatever is supposed to be done.

I hate uncertainty.

I tried hard to make things simple.
I have got into this piece of thread, in fact, a beautiful piece of thread, but tangled up with two threads lying around.

I knew it when i saw it.
And I knew it when i got tangled with it.

I want to get out, and I dont want to get out.

even after 29 long years of complications and stuff, I refuse to implement the most obvious solution.. And I know I will be the one who will be hurt the most in the end.

I love complications, dont I??


midnight murderer said...

i hope ypu wont be the most hurt person in the end
infact i have a feeling that i will be that person.
byut thats ok.
i am used to it.
and stop being confused.
let things happen as they happen
oh i forgot.i am not supposed to tell you what to do.

south sun said...

go ahead brother....uncertainity is d most worst thing ......i admire u for not takin decisions in seconds but being confident wit ur decisions....
hurt is d common thing....dnt let it down for a silly reason hurt