Thursday, February 04, 2010

That one poem.

Let the roads wind
all through the night
Let us flirt with the wind
all through the night

Let there be fire in me
to light up the night
Let there be a holding hand
to say its alright

Let there be sun at dusk
to keep an eye on us
Let there be moon at night
to wish us all the luck

Let there be little arguments
and there be silence
Let there be a bit of smoke
when you hit the low

Let the time fly by
as it never seem to slow down
Let there be you on my side
and let me be at peace

Let me keep on driving
Till i feel i am tired.
Let me keep on driving
Till i am alone again.


midnight murderer said...

so now i see.
you DON'T have a problem with a bit of smoke.
ha ha
now seriously.
i didn't know that you write poetry with rhyme in it.
hope you will never be alone again.
its a good one.

resmi said...

simple n sweet...!!!!!!!!

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

nice! i liked it!!

survivingbrain said...


what happened to you dreamy??? Something hit hard on your head???


@midnight: But yes, i do have a problem with the smoke. :P:P

@resmi !! Thanks!!