Friday, February 19, 2010

In through the morning sun

Things were a bit too fast. Its interesting to see how the smallest of the things change your life into a totally different perspective. And yes, people believe they have complete control of their lives. If they do, they are probably living a very simple life, and living in line with the society.

Well, unfortunately, I am not.

I love the blaming game. If only i had someone to blame.
Like, the last week. Days were filled with a long lost feel good factor except for the annoying calls on the mobile phone. The nights were bad. The consequences of the morning light and the laughters came at night.

Everyone is feeling bad.

Who is to blame?

The blogger page?
Or the social networking site?(from which i got the blog address??
My car?
Or the sweet little thing?
Or the man at the other corner of this stupid shape?

Who will I blame for the tears everyone had?

And yes,

Who shall i blame for the peaceful moments?
The laughter?
Who shall I blame for letting me be myself?
Who shall I blame for waking me up from my numbness?
Who shall I blame for the heartfelt smile I had after a long time?

And so, why should i blame at all??

I am not hurt.
I am just missing things.
And I miss them bad.


midnight murderer said...

leave your comment here:
its not as easy as they say you see.
what i feel like is leaving your comment on your hair :)

shiva said...

i seem to like your writing better these feels like sprouting from a lot of pain........or rather some deep emotion...or thought...not sure what...

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

i didnt get it AT ALL.