Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Big Purpose.


The Saint says every piece of grass has a purpose. In the world, In life. I always used to wonder how he would have communicated this simple piece of information in the stone age.

Scientifically, the grass gives food to the deer, the deer to the tiger, this and that. The ocean gives water to the clouds and then the rain. The sun gives light. Yes, everything seems to have a purpose.

But again, what the $%^& was the purpose if the sun is to swallow the whole of earth? What purpose is the life saving drug if the guy died in a road accident a day after his discharge from the hospital?

What purpose is birth, if we are born to die?

What purpose is pride?

What purpose is money when your loved one say that you are hated??

What purpose is a career and countries and a set of rules when Bill gates, Idi Ameen, the beggar on the side of the road, Bin laden, The starving in Somalia, the beautiful girl next door, the child molester, Neil armstrong, and all the people of the world meets the same fate??

And I do wonder what purpose it is, that I am writing this.
Never mind. No one knows. Not even the saint and the Godman, who themselves created that thing called God.

And If I am fried in the pan in Hell for writing this, may be, thats the purpose. :P:P