Wednesday, June 02, 2010

These days.


>> I have started to hate cricket. I cannot stand any commercial with a cricketer in it.
>> I am known for my short temper, but I have not shouted at anyone more than five times this year.
>> I am really missing a person.
>> I am not lying at all these days. Alright, a little bit here and there is fine.
>> My health seems to be getting better except for the chest congestion.
>> I have lost about 6 Kg... :):)
>> I am not seeing dreams as vivid as I used to see them.
>> I have become more and more lazy.
>> I am real bankrupt. ( ps: alright, i'll mail you my bank account number :P )
>> I am feeling foolish.
>> After drinking almost everyday for more than a month, i realised I am NOT addicted to alcohol.
>> I met an old classmate at the airport. We had a nice chat and I felt good.
>> I am not 'socially networked" anymore, and I think i have started to hate the concept too.
>> I need a long drive. As soon as the monsoon comes in. Alone.
>> I have started showing up signs of cracking up to an extent that even i can feel it.
>> If you ask me at 11 in the morning, I sometimes cannot remember if i had breakfast that day.
>> I refuse to believe that I am 30.
>> I refuse to believe that its better if i have a companion.
>> I am blogging **** as usual.



Anonymous said...

These days are really tough....

Pearl said...

Good post...atleast its nice to have this self evalution or intrepretation of thgts...feels better after writing...too much, alcohol,even if it doesnt make u makes ur liver little problematic in the long run..beware!

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

and how do u figure out ur NOT addicted to alcohol?