Thursday, June 17, 2010

Insanity. Plugged into holy spirit. Well. Bubbly spirit.


No bubbly spirit can lift me like this. I need to pee. I need to band the portion of my body above my neck. I need to have my vision obscured. I need more volume on the speakers. I need to sleep in the floor. Let the floor be full of snakes. Let the snakes move on through my body. I can hear blue oyster cult singing on the back ground. Well, i cant understand the lyrics. I can hear them saying stairway to the stars. Its good to be intoxicated once in a while. Its better to be intoxicated everyday. Best, every hour. I am not flying. But i would like to think I am flying. I like this feeling. I do not have to worry about what I write. I dont care if someone says gross. I love it when I can be intoxicated and still can type without a typo. I can see I am awake. I can feel the smell. I need to pee. I can go on typing as long as my bladder bursts. I can keep on drinking till it is time to sleep. I can sleep till it is time to wake up. I can live till it is time to die. I cannot die till it is time to live. That is what I hate about death. May be what I love about death. I can move my fingers. Good. I dont feel like having sex. better. My mind is a free bird. But birds die. No. My mind is just free. Well. I might die. so it is better i call it a free bird. But birds do pee. So do I. Perfect fit. Free bird. But birds have wings. And they fly. I cant. Whats being a bird who cannot fly. I dont want to be a bird. I just want to fall in love with myself. Even if you call me gay for that. But then every man is gay. They masturbate. That doesnt make them gay. does it. Having sex with oneself.

enough. I need to pee.


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