Wednesday, July 14, 2010

late night blues


Empty cups hold used up leaves
Another night devoid of sleep
Hear the starving souls weep
right behind our fears

Let the ghosts play on
Can we bring them to a board
Where we move the numbers
To listen to a long lost soul

Tiny grains of shiny sand
Thrown to the heavens once again
See the freckle faced moon
Try to outshine the sun

Thin films of midnight breeze
soothe down the night again
Let the spirits of the once together hearts
Lay close on each others arms

Let the candle burn on
Till the night burns down
Till the morning bird sings
The song of a brand new day

Wished the night lived on
Till I washed my blues down
Till I wished my dreams well on
Till I want to move on.



DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

oru vasthu manassilayilla..
but it has a nostalgic and regretful feeling. hinting you want something back in ur life.

survivingbrain said...

omg !!!

nothing like that.
I was working overnight, looked at the light. Just wrote down what i felt about night !!