Monday, July 05, 2010

Potentially insignificant.



Another day of strike. And I wonder where this country is up to.

I always maintained, that politics is a place for people who have no skills, no heart for the country. This is a case for India, and may be many countries surrounding India. May be that is the culture of the subcontinent. The love for oneself. The disregard for others.

It is perfectly fine to love oneself more than anything. I am one of them. I will not save someone risking my life. I will not help someone if I will lose something. But I do believe most of me have a consideration towards others.

Coming back to the politicians. We all love to blame the government, We all love to blame the system. What we forget is, they are very much part of us. If they are not considerate, if they are corrupt, if they eat up a major chunk of the national treasury, it is because majority of India, including you and me, are their kind.

We forget to look at ourselves. We all point fingers. We all forget to live. We forget to ignore.

Yes, you figured out the hole in the other guy's underwear, and he found the one in yours too.

When will we stop doing insignificant things?



Pearl said...

Good write up!pointed out some of the significant facts!

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

and what did you do for making this world a better place? :)

survivingbrain said...

I dont have any plans to make this world a better place..

That is not MY idea of living.