Friday, December 21, 2012

Bad education.


The world has become so unnatural, that a kid cannot learn and do his things naturally. He need to learn to read and write so that he can order his underwear online, learn thousands of words so that he can use the best of language to communicate well to the fellow human beings, and he has to learn how to be 'cool' and stylish so that he can get a mate to have sex with.  Animals dont have to, my cat back at home never went to grammar school, but he can very well communicate when he is upset about the fish i gave him.

So schools are set up. I should ask, why? shouldnt it be teaching primarily on how to live, how to be a good social creature, How to live so that there is less conflicts between people, on how to treat nature, on how important it is to eat ONLY what you want, on fitness, on health? 

Instead, they teach on how to be successful, by pushing your friend down with your feet, they teach to hate other religion, they teach of afterlife and heaven, they teach complicated equations to make complicated machines which they thing will un-complicate the complicated lifestyle we made to make our lives better. 

Is it not, why an engineering graduate become a terrorist? Is it not why the guy who drives a toyota corolla will throw garbage on to the street? Is it not why people drive bad, dangerously, and kill other people 'accidently'? Is it not why kids at schools suicide? Is it not why we all, in general, are unhappy with how much ever money we have?

And after all this 'good' education, there are people who still thinks its the end of the world today::::

Bad, bad education. 



Guest said...

Schools don’t teach children to be cunning, opportunistic and manipulative beings, experience does. What people become as a result of social interactions is inevitable, it’s a learning curve on how to fit in and schools are one of the first places where it begins. Schools do teach us how to live, how to be a social creature not through instruction but through experience. Ideal education allows discourses on morality, but that’s all that it should be. School doesn’t teach you to push your friends down to succeed, that’s what people do to survive if they cannot succeed by virtue of their own skill. School does not teach you to hate other religions, fear does. So what if we are made to believe in the after-life or heaven, it has helped generations deal with the meaninglessness of mortality.
The reason an engineer becomes a terrorist is the same as the reason Hitler incarcerated the Jews, or Israel attacks Palestine. When one group of people feel the influence of another and they feel that their identity or existence is at threat they will act in what they believe is the best way to protect themselves. If religion has found its way into educational institutions on a few occasions then that is unfortunate, but what results is not education. It is one of the finest ways to breed a mob of socially-perverted minds…BUT IT IS NOT EDUCATION !!
When you talk of the kids that suicide, as unfortunate as it is, you forget about the hundreds of thousands that do make it through, the people who work to build the future. Dumping garbage in public places is now looked at with the same contempt with which you would look at an illiterate person. Environmental conservation is being more and more involved in school curriculum.
I am fed up of everybody blaming education for what’s wrong with people, the thing that’s wrong is that we are humans with an affinity to ERR.

Athira Unni said...

what is ur prescribed syllabus for 5th-10th students then?

survivingbrain said...

"Schools do teach us how to live, how to be a social creature not through instruction but through experience"

You dont need to go to school to get a certain kind of experience. People who did not go to schools also have that experience. My point is, schools teach only physics or maths or arts, and gives very very little emphasis on how to respect each other.

Since kids spend more than 50% of their conscious living in schools, than with their parents or home, schools should impart basic respect for each other, impart unbiased understanding of religion and other views and let the kids decide on their views as they grow up.


We all want education to be based on a syllabus. This viewpoint itself tells how bad an education we have had.

Anonymous said...

Education is not the cause, just the victim. It follows where everybody's headed just like all other instituions and social structures.Things change,when sticking to existing ways seems less rewarding or when something more appealing can be sought through change.

Our education serves the porpuse of enabling people fit into this system, and by this system i mean the gamut of entangled symbiotic relationships.The only way one can fit in is if one can contribute,and that is what education is suppossed to facilitate.How effective it is is another question altogether. Also, most of our social relationships outside families are formed in educational institutions, sure we associate with our neighbours but that has geographical constraints. We learn to mingle, to manipulate, to adjust all of which we would need as we move on in life. So, our education has social significance too. I'm not saying that things are perfect the way they are, just that if you have a problem with education system, then why stop there? There's marriage, law, politics and administration. What you're probably feeling is a difference in opinion with the educational system, when all its trying to do is to be in harmony with everything else human.

Things have become overly complicated though,in our quest to mitigate our problems we sowed the seeds for other problems, it would have been in our best interest to come up with elegant solutions(Hopefully presuming there is room for such possibilities). Perhaps that was what man would do if he was truly the evolutionary supreme being we think him to be .


survivingbrain said...

Found it a bit difficult to understand your comment on the first read, mostly because of my limited set of English vocabulary.

Every one is trying to make the world a better place. What we forget is, this is the very same world we are trying to build up, we try to add more features in the exceedingly complicated smart phones, we need more technology and convenience in the pot we shit. Rape, anger, murder, theft, and all these comes part of this build up. Because, in the rush to make the world a better place, we sacrifice certain things like finding happiness in small things and mutual respect.

In that respect, i agree to your last paragraph. Man is NOT superior, if he was, he would never have to build up dating sites and matrimony sites, he would never have to 'believe' in something to live, and he would never live with values so that he can reach heaven.

Thanks for the comment, i like it when the comments are long. And, why do i have thins feeling that i know you??