Friday, December 28, 2012

Of murder, rape and men.


Alright. I am pissed off. Pissed of with the senselessness of the masses, and obviously, i think i am right. 

Thing one :: There is an overwhelming support for the Delhi rape victim.  Protests which left one policeman dead, protests which blames police and the government for everything, almost everyone supporting the protests at in Delhi. I refuse to accept. I, DO NOT SUPPORT the stupid protest. Call me heartless, call me a male chauvinist, call me what you want, but i do not agree to the 'enraged' mob. 

Am I sympathetic to the victim? May be. But i dont want to give her more importance than the hundreds of girls who have been brutally raped and murdered all these years. Hundreds of under aged girls who have been raped, molested and killed every month. No protests of any magnitude came up all these times, why? Are those girls lesser? How come the world became so much aware of 'rape'? arent we all governed and manipulated by media? Arent we enraged ONLY because of the way the media put it? and then takeon by the social media?? Should not we be ashamed that we needed the media sensationalism to REALISE that rapes are happening in India? Who is there to stand up for all the girls who were killed brutally because she fell in love with the guy of another caste? Who is there to stand up for girls who got molested at a very young age by their own fathers and relatives, and have to grow up with the trauma? Werent we all closing the eyes to it?

I will never understand the REAL trauma of the girl, unless I am a girl myself and gone through that, or my sister or my mom or my girlfriend or wife go through that. But then, is it not the duty of every one of us to stop it before it happen, and what is the point in letting it happen and then blame the government and the police for everything?

I have a some questions to the so called 'Angry, enraged youth' -

Werent you the same guys who did not move a finger when the girl was molested for about an hour in public? You watched her and enjoyed the show, didnt you? I did not see your anger and the aggression then?

Arent you the same youth who molest girls in groups during new year eve? Wont you guys die to grope a girl when you are in the crowd and know that you will be safe?

If you see a helpless man beaten up in the road, will you move a finger?

If you see girls harassed in open, in roads and in buses, will you raise your voice?

How many of you, men, will respect girls, and how many of you will accept a non virgin girl? 

And all these things - are the government doing it? Are all the molesters sent to the street from Rashtrapathi bhavan?

What i have to say to the protesters, is to shut the fuck up. If you want rape to go away, beat up guys who molest in the bus, protest when something happens in front of your eyes. Do what you can do. Blaming the government and the police will not help. It will NOT change anything. The evil in WITHIN the society, and not in the parliament and in the police station. Do your duties as a citizen. Do it first before you point your finger to someone else.

Or better, as most of you are believers in the thing called GOD, protest in front of temples and Mosques and Churches and where ever. After all, GOD is the almighty, he is supposed to guard you and he can stop all future rapes in an instant. Why dont you do that?

Have some spine. Have a spine to stand up for something when it happens in front of you. If not, just shut the fuck up. 



Tenzee... said...

if only you understood the trauma that unfortunate girl had to face!

Pearl said...

Powerful words! You got a point there!