Sunday, December 26, 2010

Love Demystified.

Love can be broken down into simple terms. Like the Fourier transform. For people who don’t know, the Fourier Transform breaks down a complex signal to its frequency components. And when you add up all these broken down signals, you get the original signal back. These thoughts came up from my non-alcoholic brain, as I have quit.

Something made me feel like love is NOT complicated as it seems. Breaking it down to all the components, every component has this tint of possession. What makes a wife, different from a simple friend, is the feeling of being belonging o someone. And I guess that is it. It is as simple as that. Love is all about wanting something badly, and in turn we do weird things to get hold of something we want badly.

I can easily compare it to one of the most difficult object I can part with. That is, my Laptop.
Well, I do not have a girl friend now, I am single, but I am comparing this with the times I had one.

LT: I carry my laptop everywhere I can. I love its company. It amuses me and makes time pass easy. I don’t carry it when I hike, or when I go to places I don’t know.
GF: I carry my GF everywhere I can, because I love the company. I don’t feel bored.

LT:When I bought the laptop,  I cared it a bit too much. I bought all accessories, and I cleaned it up every day, and carried it as if it was a piece of gold of that weight.
GF:When I had this girlfriend, I took care of it too much in the initial times. I bought things, and I spent lot of time thinking of her.

LT:I never let anyone use my Laptop.
GF:Well.. I don’t think I would want anyone else to use my girlfriend either.

LT:I get angry when the laptop misbehaves. It upsets me, and I try my best to fix it.
GF:Well. Ditto.

LT:When I see my friend’s laptop, with higher configuration, I get jealous.
GF::D Obviously.

Ultimately, the only difference you can spot out, is the brain thing.  Love with a human being is different because of the emotions that play around. The outputs we get from loving a machine and loving a human are different. You can replace a machine, or make another one. You cannot replace a human. But the point is, is falling in love with a human, worth the pain it gives back? And that pain is inevitable.

I guess I prefer the machine. You know how it works; you know how to make it work. Ultimately, the point is to make ourselves feel good. I do not agree with people who believe making others happy is the point in life. For them they do feel good making people feel good, so ultimately everyone can be rounded off to be selfish. Yes, I am exceptionally selfish. I don’t think I am keen to make people happy.

The arranged marriage IS force full bondage. Whether the couple build up the feeling of belonging to each other, is something that can be left to time and fate. If they do, well. If they don’t, never mind. I do sometime use somebody else’s laptop when mine goes haywire. 



Carpe Diem! said...

Th pain only makes you stronger. And this will sound realllllllly cheesy but I do believe that one human being will ultimately be worth it.
Besides, the bigger the risk, the better the returns. Isn't that the formula for every business? Even gamble. And life and love are most certainly gambles, no? ;)

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

strange but true huh.

impulsiveram said...

agree with Carpe additon to it...No pain, no gain...A lil pain in love is always there...but the results are beter than a laptop...