Saturday, December 18, 2010

Of marriages and beautiful faces.


I was in this restaurant some years ago. I liked this place because it is normally quiet, and I like quiet, cool (as in temperature) places to eat. I need to relax, i love to stretch my legs and keep it in any awkward position i want to keep it. I love to eat as much as i can, and I have weird eating habits, which i might not want people to see.

And that day, this big family came in. 

Damn. 13 of them. kids, uncles, momas, dads. Conversations that fit into all age groups, shouting, yelling, cries, running around, this, that. Mess. 

And that was when i noticed the girl. I thought i knew her. She resembled a girl I knew. No not her. The girl I knew was cute, beautiful, have the perfect figure, have the prefect eyes. She was one girl I always used to "look" at. She was close to perfect. 

While, this girl, was overweight, had a pale skin, and looked much, much older. She looked 28, while the girl I knew is about 20.

In came my chicken, and I love to indulge in food. The environment faded to oblivion, and I cleaned up the plate in no time. 

The door opened, and this big man came in. I knew the guy very well, she was the dad of the girl I knew. Well. Well. I looked back. Again and again. It was her. one year into marriage, and this girl has changed a lot in terms of looks. 

I remember the times when I and my friend used to browse the matrimony site, for my friend. A lot of profiles were rejected, mostly because, of the looks. The first filter criteria was the photograph. When it comes to arranged marriages, looks play a very big role. Only to be lost in a couple of years, or a decade into the marriage.

What is the point, if the most important filter criteria, the looks, last only for a very less percentage of time, that the couple live together?

I remember a guy rejecting a girl, because her boobs were a bit small. Never small, in my definition, but then. WTF?? Is it all about holding the boobs for the rest of his life?

I have no idea why, I am writing this. These are not, my problems anyway. At least for a very long time. 



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