Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sigh. But no sigh.


I have stopped drinking. 

Dont look at me like that. 
NO!!! Its NOT FOR A DAY !! 

its been 5 days now.!, and I am going good. 

It all happened on Dec 19, that fateful day. Well, dec 19 2010 was the third time in my life, i was out of my mind, after drinking. On all other occasions, I knew what I was doing, I was in control. I could walk. I could pay the bill. I can count to 1000 without issues, and I can stand on one leg. Yes. Standing on one leg. That is one feat i demonstrate to people who believe I am out of control when drunk. I stand on one leg, with the other foot resting on the knee of the leg I am standing on, and then start the stopwatch. 60 seconds. No issues.

The first time I was rendered control - less, was about 4 years ago. I didnt drink much, but I tried mixing beer and whiskey. On my way back, I asked my friend to pull over, and threw up as soon as I got out of the car. Later, I was informed that the esteemed venue of my graceful act was right in front of KSRTC, in the full view of the public. I forgot to eat, and the next day, I had to clean the entire house, for you know what. Obviously, I was home alone.

The second time, was in Taiwan. Yes. Blame it on the bottle. That was the Taiwanese traditional drink, and I was at the heart of Taipei. A small band was singing Eagles songs. Even after 6 'large' (1 large = 60 ml) nothing happened. I was a bit disappointed, I thought I should have had whiskey. The host (the guy who paid the bill, and the guy who i am staying with) was rich, and he was taking us in his high end Mercedes. 20 minutes later, did the spirit awake. Damn. Double damn. I could see clouds. I could see multiple objects. I was knocked out. I woke up next day, and I was informed, that I puked all over inside his car, and then all over his toilet, and talked a lot of emotional, philosophical stuff. Well. 

And the third time. Came dec 19, and I had plans to keep it to my usual drink. That is, 120 ml of Bacardi and 30 ml of Gin,  in a wide tumbler glass with salt on the rim and one whole lemon. I binge over the counter, I dont talk much, and everyone is happy with me cause I am calm when drunk, and I tip well. I am a regular at this place, and everyone knows me here. I asked the driver to come in at 9. And then, somebody came by my side, looked at me, and smiled.

Do I know him?? Had no idea, I smiled back. 
30 minutes later, we were talking like we knew for 20 years. He was a total stranger, and I had no idea how much i drank. He left after a while, and the driver called me in.
Damn. I am late. I checked my wallet for the money.

Darn. No money. All what is left is a pair of hundred rupee notes. 
Where the hell is the money?? There is nothing in the card. But where is the money? I remember I took the money, I remember substantial amount as I came in to the bar. 
I ran to the car, checked. Nothing. I ran back to the bar, checked. Nothing. I will get credit here, but then, where is the money? I ran back to car, and on the way, I remember I did throw up.  And when I ran back to bar, I did it again, in the loo. 

"Any problems, sir??" Asked the guy.
"Yes". My money is missing and I did not pay.

"But sir, you did. " And you gave me good tip too. And you paid the other guys bill too. 

I dont even remember that happened. 
Next day I woke up,  My brain was clouded. I had 6 rounds of my usual drink. that will be 720 ml of bacardi and 180 ml gin, 2 prawns fry, 2 fish finger and some king of fish I dont remember. I could not think well on 20th. The brain seemed non existent. 

I felt like I should stop. No, actually I DID stop. No one asked. But I do not have that feeling to take alcohol anymore. But one day, I will start again. But I dont want a fourth time knock out. 



Carpe Diem! said...

Well, being drunk in the heart of Taipei seems exciting. And I wouldn't mind doing that if I had a ride home. But I agree when you say how it's embarrassing and all. I know what you mean when you say you won't drink after a knock-out session. I didn't for about 3 months. :P

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...


survivingbrain said...

@carpe diem
Taiwan IS a beautiful place to be. Somehow I love oriental people!!
I dont want to be knocked out. It spoils the fun of drinking.

@princess the money gone was not a lesson at all. Yo have no idea how much I have spent for drinking all these years.

I have learnt no lesson. I just felt like stopping. thats it. I will start again, when I feel like.

(Well yes. comments like these give extra motivation to start again :D )

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

:| nannavula.

geli said...

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