Thursday, December 02, 2010

Of numbers and faint lines.


College time. We were supposed to learn engineering. How to make electric current to go in a way we want it to go. How to make a bulb glow. How satellites work, and how a television works.

I was good in math. er. Numbers. er. numerology.
Somewhere in the middle of my engineering, palmistry and numerology struck me. I compared my hand and my lines with the ones in the book, and i came into  a conclusion that palmistry is very true. Needless to say, the book says i am highly intelligent, energetic, have leadership qualities, and this and that. :D

Palmistry was another alternative way to have girls around you. Irrespective of who i am, they will line up and have their open hands straight up to me. So, I started learning palmistry and numerology.

About six months later, I became a practicing palmist during trips and camps. I started to collect as much books i can, and somewhere, I even wondered if palmistry was actually right.

So, one fine evening, I was relaxing on my bed, planning the next mischief for the next day. That was, when, my roommate came in, and asked for my expert predictions on his brother.

Me: Date of birth and time of Bith?
Him : _________(I dont remember what he said)
Me : (Calculating different combinations, this that. )
blah blah blah blah.........

Him: Man !! You are right. He is exactly as what you said.
Me: (wicked smile) heh heh

Impressed on my own success, I thought of expanding my horizons.  I imagined myself surrounded my hands, of course, that of girls. Happy that I am turning into an actual palmist, I decided to have a good sleep.

Him: Oops, Wait a minute.
Me : What??
Him: I messed up his date. that was not his date, that was my cousins.

Do I need to say my usual "I didnt do something since then" this time???



june said...

This is again a funny post :)
It's funny how most of your plots revolve around trying to impress the ladies.

Carpe Diem! said...

heh! No wonder you are scar(r)ed for for life as far as the women are concerned. :P

survivingbrain said...

@ june

blame it on the ladies !!

@ carpe diem

::running away:: :P