Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blame it on the movies.


Again, long ago, once upon a time.

Must be my fourth standard. I heard this announcement in class, that they are starting to teach Karate in school. Well.. I was this skinny guy, hardly had any tissue which can be legally called a 'muscle', was a bit short, and I was normally bullied by every tom dick and that guy who passed my way. Karate seemed to be a good option, as I was seeking revenge of all sorts. 

I dont know how I managed to get the permission, but I did join in. So, I became one of the senior guys by the time I reached 9th. In fact, only four of us seniors continued, making me one of the four senior guys, with a higher belt. Needless to say, I was still bullied, this time by my fellow senior guys (who had the same belt as me in Karate, but were one year senior to me in terms of class), because they were better in size and built. And when we had to fight, I was normally on the receiving side.

I never had a problem with that, until that fateful day. 

About 6 girls (yeah, beautiful girls) of my class joined for Karate. 
Which means I will have to teach them when our sensei (teacher) is late. And suddenly I (along with others) started to come early, started to train harder. I started to spend more time in front of the mirror, checking frequently for any trace of the aforementioned tissue. Sigh. So did others. 

And when we had to fight, they became more ferocious, and I ended up with having a better stock of pain balms. 

And then, one fine day, I decided something. I might have got the motivation from some stupid films those days. There were a lot of movies were this thin, poor chap will get beaten up in the beginning and then something happens and the poor chap will have the revenge. Like in Rocky. 

So with all the spirits, I went straight ahead and challenged mr R for the fight that day. We even had a bet. I proclaimed proudly, that I would win this time.

Came evening. Fighting comes in the end. 
Me: Sir, can we have the fight now??
Sensei : No, not today. may be next day.
Me: No, We want one today. I want it with R.
Sensei (Surprised) : You sure??
Me: Yes.

Sweet thoughts of me bashing up Mr R flashed through my mind. Images of the six beautiful girls admiring my fighting skills. Possibility of one of them having a cush on me, and then..

Ajumen !!

That was the call to start the fight. 
We took our positions, I had a look at him, and as I was about to plan my first move, 

There I was, on the ground.
A round kick, straight on my jaw.

it took three days for me to talk normally.Since then, i refuse to be motivated from stupid movies.


Carpe Diem! said...

Ah, so THIS is the REAL reason why you stopped watching films. And you blame it on feeling sad and stuff. tut tut! :P

june said...

This is the funniest thing I've read in a lonnnnnngggg time. :D