Friday, November 26, 2010

Aah. Tequila.


(I am really, really drunk. I have no clue what i might write. readd at your own risk.)

I still cannot believe myself. I opted out of the free rum and whiskey and dinner at Chancery Pavilion, and rushed down to purple haze. For some reason, I had this excessive craving for Margarita and chicken Spring rolls since morning. And when they started off with the dinner session at the conference, I took of to good ol Purple Haze at Koramangala. I took my usual table, and asked for Margarita. I took a look at the  DJ. Wrong guy. The guy I hate.  

As expected, stupid song. Stupid songs. We have very few places where they play calssic rock in bangalore, and Purple Haze is one of them. Named after the classic song from Jimi Hendrix. Funny, they play jimi rarely.
Things are changing, and these days kids believe rock is all about thrash metal and death metal. They believe loud music is heavy metal. I see stupid men with long hair and throat vocals on the LCD. Its all this guy plays. 

Sigh. They dont play thin lizzy. no Lynrd skynrd. No grateful dead. No Blue oyster cult. No Led Zeppelin. No Stevie ray vaughan. No Satriani. No aerosmith. 

And then the guy brought in a Mojito. 

Did I say Mojito?? Anyway, I took a deep sip, sipped in as much as I can, and then, called the guy and asked for my Margarita. :)

I was missing a lot of things. I was missing the kind of music they once used to play. I am badly missing my hair. I am missing a girl. I have a regular table here, but the chair on the other side was always empty. 

I have no idea how much i drank. I had a walk back home, and I logged in. I rushed past the insignificant mails. I checked the blogs i read these days. I saw the thanks giving post by CD. was happy to see my name in there.  I checked my blog and hated the banner. I have no idea why i chose that one. I need a new banner. I need my hair. I need new underwear. I should start wearing glasses as the doc says. I shuld stop drinking. Maybe I should drink just red wine. or may be not. May be I should sleep. May be I should talk to someone. May be I am getting crazy. May be it is the tequila. It cant be the spring roll. It cannot be the waiter. 


I miss my hair. I miss shampooing it. I miss drying it out. I miss NOT mending it. I miss asking rubber bands to girls.I miss the funny look on their faces when I ask them.

Yeah. Thats me. Withe the hair. and beside me are my sisters kids. They are planning something. Beware. 

Tequila makes me miss things. 
Whiskey makes me fall in love.
Rum makes me philosophical.
I dont drink brandy.
Wine makes me feel healthy
Beer makes me sing.
Vodka slowed down an important muscle (Read very very important :D) of mine. I have stopped drinking vodka since then. 
Gin did nothing. 
I dont have money to buy champagne. 

I feel i am dozhing off. I hope i hit the publlish bitton. 



Carpe Diem! said...

1) I miss my tequila-induced Purple Haze. Lucky you to have that!

2) And I said "fly on my sweet angel,
Fly on through the sky,
Fly on my sweet angel,
Forever I will be by your side" :)

3) Brilliant hair! Why did you cut??

4) Such cute children! Obviously planning something very naughty! :D I like naughty children when they're not mine. :P

5) Why do you not like the banner?

6) I hate heavy metal. They cannot seriously pass that noise off as music!

7) Why would you want to stop drinking?!! Obviously you won't want that once you are un-drunked. :P But red wine? Doesn't that give you the world's worst hangover?!! :/

8) Hem hem, it seems wine and beer are the only options you're left with. ;) :P Unless of course, you WANT to fall in love/ miss things/ be philosophical.

9) Enjoy your single-hood. You'll miss it once it's gone. ;)

10) You did hit the publish button. :P

survivingbrain said...


I am un drunked now, and I definitely dont want to stop drinking.:D

I didnt cut my hair. I shaved it bald. No i am frantically growing it back :(

Grrr. Heavy metal aint noise. Jimi hendrix played Heavy metal. Led zepp brought in heavy metal. you call 'Kashmir' Noise?
thats my other blog on music :D :P

Well.. I am, i guess a chronic bachelor.

Carpe Diem! said...

I'm not that much in music to know genres and sub-genres and every single person that ever existed on every scene. When I think of heavy metal, I guess I think more of metal scraping sounds or rythmless screaming. Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Flyod are different. I like them. But I'm not very often in the mood for that genre. :)

The impulsive RAM said...
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The impulsive RAM said...

Like the pic. am sure the boy was planning something naughty...and its a sight to see you with kids...

As for 'chronic bachelor', i dont agree..Its so obvious that you need someone...but just that you are not getting the one you want...

As for rubber bands, I 'll always have one seperately kept in case you want..he he!

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

oh great. youve actually started writing rhymes with drinks in it..

how much more horrible can your situation get ? :)

Pearl said...

Wow man!I am jealous seeing your hair..even girls dont have such beautiful wonder you miss it!

survivingbrain said...

@Carpe Diem:
Neither do I.. I dont know anythnig about pop. hip hop, and many bands I do no know.. I just know a limited set of bands, who my mind is restricted to.. :)

@ Impulsive ram.
You have changed !! your attitude has changed !!
But of course, you are right. I have not met the right girl for me. But then, there is nothing like a right girl.. you can guess the fate of that poor girl who is going to get married to me.. I am pretty intolerable and you know that.

you are probably right.

well.. not that great a hair, but i do miss it. It used to make people believe that i am some kind of genius.. and I never used to deny that when they treat me like that... Now a days i dont get that treatment from strangers..
Been a long time since i came into your blog.. will comment.. I guess i have lots to read..