Sunday, November 14, 2010

The wishlist.

I realised I do have a wishlist/bucket list buried deep inside me. (courtesy the movie in that name)I dug in, and here it is.

1) Antartica. I need to be there.
2) Learn to use a parachute.
3) Inter - National Drive in my car.
4) Around the world in a hot air balloon.
5) Go under sea in a submarine.
6) Take PPL
7) Design my own satellite
8) Win at any International robotic games. (My previous attempts failed miserably :D)
9) Visit at least 40 countries.
10) Live ONE day, without any  issues bugging my mind.

Well. I need to find a very rich girl to get married to.
As to why she should marry me, is another question.



june said...

I can strike # 10 off my list! Yaay!

Oh! All the very best trying to find that rich girl :) [Let me know if she has a brother]

Pearl said...

funny wishlist..well it made me to think abt a wish list..