Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yeah. Blame it on the TV


Long long ago, once upon a time. There lived the great me and my friend.
I was lean, @ about 50 Kg, funny hair, he was not lean, not fat either, curly hair, glasses, very fair.
So It was night, about 12, and I was watching late night TV. And that was when I got his call over the land phone.

he : "We will go to black thunder now".
me: "Now??"
he : yeah
me: "Why now? we will reach there by 5, and they wont be open till 10."
he:  "Yeah I know that
me:  "So you are watching late night tv too. "
he:  "hi hi"
me: Will go in the morning.
he: alright.

For those who dont know, Black thunder is a water amusement park @ coimbatore, which is about a 5 hour drive from my place. A couple of week back, wrt the date of the above conversation, we were there, and yes, there was a good collection of the female species in wet outfits.

So we started. Woke up early. Scared my parents. They never saw me wake up this early. I dont remember what i told them, but that was not an age when I could tell my mom I was going to an amusement park to see girls in wet outfits.

Yes. We were there at last. That was when we realised we did not take anything with us. Not even an extra pair of dress. Not even a hand kerchief.

So I bought this cheap shorts. I tried changing, and that was when it tore up, showing up a  significant portion of my underwear. I dont remember How I managed that, I might have bought another one.

And we went out. We were too early, and there was no much people around. We started to climb up simple, uncomplicated rides.

And then it happened. Well. It was raining men. Not just men. Men from sabarimala. All in black. Men in black.

Scores of them. straight from pampa, to take a dip at black thunder. I thought they take a dip in the holy rivers. Most of them had not seen water since ages. Why, why today??

Damn. No a girl in sight. well yes. there is one. And she is with her husband, I guess.

We ended up at the games center, and both of us are good in spending money or stupid, useless things. We gamed our way to glory, and spending about 500 bucks, we did win something. I remember it was a tweety bird look alike bird/animal/something/, about the size of an index finger.

We changed, and we came back.

I have stopped watching late night programs since then.



Carpe Diem! said...

"that was not an age when I could tell my mom I was going to an amusement park to see girls in wet outfits."

Do you do that now? :P

survivingbrain said...


Do I do what?
Go to amusement park for the girls, or tell my mom?


Carpe Diem! said...

lol.... since you want to answer, maybe both? :P But, my original question was about telling mum. :P

survivingbrain said...

hi hi

neither :(

Been a long long time since I've been to an amusement park. May be I should go. Not just for the girls, for the rides too. :D

As as to the mom. For her, I am a black box.. since my pre teens. She got no clue where i go, who I meet, what I do. She dont even know I drink. :D

Carpe Diem! said...

She doesn't know and doesn't badger you with questions?!! :O I wish my parents would learn to leave me alone without their police interrogation type questions! All said and done, they have no clue what I used to do when I was in England (and they definitely don't know I drink! :P)